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    Caring for Women
    through every stage
    of life
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    Childrens are commitment
    and it starts when
    you start pregnancy planning
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    We offer
    The Best Personalised Care
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    Excerise during pregnancy
    helps your body
    for labor and delivery
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    These tiny feet tiptoe into
    your heart
    and stay there forever

Care Offered

Routine & HighRisk Pregnancy

Pregnancy care consists of prenatal (before birth), delivery and postpartum (after birth) healthcare.


Annual Gynecological Exam, Breast care, Contraceptive/Family Planning, Menopausal care.

Female Infertility

Infertility Evaluation, Intrauterine insemination (IUI).

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopic Surgery.

Welcome To Pacific Women's Health Clinic

We strive to provide the highest quality women’s health care with compassion and sensitivity. We are committed to remaining an independent OBGYN practice so that we can provide you with the best options available so that your healthcare is personalized, comprehensive and affordable. Our physician is committed to knowing each of our patients and their individual health needs. As your healthcare provider, we remain committed to providing you with cost-effective, high-quality health care.

  • Personalised Healthcare
  • Physicians spend enough time in face-to-face contact with patients
  • Ease of getting urgent appointments
  • Prompt followup

We welcome you to our practice and will devote ourselves to your good health before, during and after your pregnancy.

Important News

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